Pious Pinkerton, III

Many of you are probably wondering why the company is called "PinkParrot" when it has seemingly has very little to do with coding. For me, it has everything to do with it because of my beloved pets. My office is shared between myself and my three beloved cockatoos, the largest of which is a pink parrot called a Galah. His name is Pious Pinkerton, III (even though he is the first, it sounds fancier) and he is my desk mate during many of my endeavors. He goes by "Pinky" though... He insists upon this name, loudly.

When I first began blogging on about a year ago, Pinky was a motivation for me because I had just left my desk job as a software engineer to begin a business. I adopted the alias pinkparrot on GitHub as a result of our "coding sessions together", and the backseat of my desk chair adopted a new look (it is badly shredded by Pinky's beak). Regardless of the damage to my chair, Pinky still helps motivate me through his singing and dancing as I type.


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